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Introducing the Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Service in Boldon

With shorter journeys and poor fuel quality, all cars can suffer from carbon build up. This can have a significant impact on a vehicle's engine. Carbon deposits can affect the vehicle's performance, fuel economy as well as emissions. Having a Hydrogen Carbon Clean Service will not only help to remove these deposits and can also offer significant benefits and improvements to your vehicle

  • Better fuel economy

  • Lower emissions

  • Increase engine torque

  • Smoother running

At East Boldon Motors, we have invested in a hydrogen-carbon cleaning machine that will remove carbon deposits safely without impacting on the environment.


How it Works

The hydrogen-carbon cleaning machine uses water and electricity, therefore eliminating the need to use harmful chemicals or expensive additives. The hydrogen and oxygen are produced using a mix of distilled water and electrolysis which creates Oxy-Hydrogen Gas HHO. This is then directed through the air intake where the carbon deposits are broken down and burnt away.

The hydrogen-carbon cleaning service will take around 45 minutes to an hour. After that your ready to go and enjoy the benefits of the carbon cleaning service.

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